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At Quality Home Lender we manage your credit, we have the support of Real Estate Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, and inspectors.

Our services are complete, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Conventional and FHA Loans.
Low interest rates.
Agile procedures and minimum requirements.
Free advice in English and Spanish.
You can apply with up to 3 more people.

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Our services

At Quality Home Lender we provide you with a full integrated service, not only do we help you with your loan, we also put at your disposal the best Real Estate Agents, we will help you from the beginning until the closing date. Learn more about our services.

Financing plans

We have the best and most complete financing programs.

Real Estate Agents

We work with the best Real Estate Agents and we’ll have them ready for you.


A refinance replaces your current mortgage with a new loan, and it may allow you to change the term or interest rate on your actual mortgage or pay off the capital of your home.

Credit Repair Programs

Do you have low credit? We can help you repair your credit in record time.

You deserve a house of your own!

Let us help you, consult with one of our agents.


Our Clients

Helping our clients to fulfill the dream of having their own house, is our greatest joy and drives us to improve every day by providing an excellence service. We thank our clients for trusting our team.

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We are people like you, with dreams and we have designed especial financing plans for our people, with agile procedures and minimum requirements.

With Quality Home Lender paying rent is something from the past.


Get your pre-approval letter the same day with personalized and free agents.


We are a bank comprised with the community, we have developed financing plans especially for you, with requirements that allow you to apply.


All of our consults are totally free.

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